Hot Water Bottle

Many a times over the years here in Sri Lanka, I have had to but a hot water bottle.  My first attempt in doing so was an utter failure… I walked into a pharmacy and asked for a hot water bottle and their response was, “Sorry mam, we don’t stock those”.  Another day, I was asking a local where I could buy these.  After telling me that these can be bought at any pharmacy, he personally took me to a pharmacy.  A prolonged conversation later which seemed more like a miming game, I managed to make a purchase.

After many similar incidents, the purchase of this item amuses me.  When I ask for a hot water bottle, it’s always the same response that is offered to me!  My response also becomes repetitive – I begin to describe what it looks like (rubber, to be filled in with hot water) and what it’s purpose is.  Then the light dawns on them and they would respond, “Wait a minute Mam, We don’t have hot water bottles, but we have something like what you are asking.  It’s not a bottle though.  Let me show it to you… Is this what you are wanting?”

What an achievement to finally get the product.. and as always the label on the packaging reads, “Hot water BOTTLE”!


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