Practical Joke? Humour?

Yesterday, I was dressed up in a smart outfit with my high heels as I was heading to a meeting.  (Today at the time of posting this, the yesterday has been a few days since yet I’m not going to bother editing all that!!)  The side roads in Sri Lanka don’t have walk ways or pavements or call it what you would depending on which part of the world you are in.  In addition to that, vehicles would be parked haphazardly along the sides of the road leaving you with no option but to walk on the road dodging the parked vehicles and dodging the oncoming motorists.

Motorists in Sri Lanka have a superiority complex.. that they have the right of way which would include bull dozing you over if they have to.. Perhaps they think that pedestrians are actually angels, that they could suddenly spread their wings and fly over them.

Yesterday, was a regular eventful day on the road, where I would have been showing ill gestures and rattling off colourful language if only I hadn’t been a Christian!  Yes, life in Sri Lanka especially as a commuter and a pedestrian surely has been a ‘testing’ ground of my patience and humility without a doubt.  However, I also believe we need to stand up against oppression.. If we all stood up, couldn’t we make a change?

A walk to the bus stop or the grocery shop is very rarely of a peaceful nature for women let alone women who are foreigners (or like me who are mistaken to be a foreigner).

While walking on the road in these high heels, I saw a car turning into my by-road.  I walked as closely as possible to the parked vehicle, balancing my handbag and trying to hold my umbrella high up that was necessary to shield me from the blazing sun.

The moving vehicle suddenly was driving towards me, sending me into a momentarily panic.  He then swerved away just in a hair split moment before I would have got knocked over.  I wondered whether the driver was on the phone or having a seizure.  Quickly glancing back over my shoulder, i saw this driver looking at me and laughing his head off.   Humour? Practical joke? Really?  This is Sri Lankan humour which is filled with bullying, which would be classified as abuse.  In fact, even in a school classroom setting, I wouldn’t tolerate a child exhibiting such behaviour.  Imagine a grown up bully operating a 4 wheel vehicle!

The parked vehicle wasn’t close to the building, but was pretty much covering a lane, so I wasn’t bothered when trying to protect myself from the lunatic motorist, my umbrella scraped alongside the parked vehicle.. In fact, I decided it served that driver right for being inconsiderate and selfish.. The driver of that parked vehicle is obviously a lazy unfit person.

Muttering away I proceeded to continue on my journey.  All this took place barely before I had made it to the top of my road at the onset of trip!

All in a days of typical Sri Lankan inconsiderate ways!  (Don’t take me wrong, Yes there are a considerable number of Sri Lankans raised with good attitudes to look out for one another, gentlemen and ladies.. However, it’s this majority that are unfit selfish people who spoil the name for others!).



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